Termites Poised To Put A Bite On Homes This Spring

Don’t put up with itchy mosquito bites, find out how nozzle’ mosquito control services significantly reduce mosquito activity around homes in South Florida.. How to Protect Yourself From Termites This Spring. February 12, 2014. Termite season is right around the corner! wood-destroying organisms, such as termites, are a very serious problem.

Drywood Termites Kill Termites With Heat Drywood termites are very destructive to any structure. The threat termites pose to a structure are real and ignoring this pest can be costly. The Associated press reports: termites can be hidden for 10 to 12 years before a swarm becomes visible.

The Proof is in the Bites. Bed bugs also tend to be most active during the night, when most people are sleeping. If you wake up with bite clusters on exposed areas, for example on the arms, face, shoulders, and neck, you may have a bed bug infestation. They also tend to bite in rows, along the line of the comforter or sheet.

The arrival of spring is expected to set the stage for an improved housing market. However, spring weather doesn’t just spur home sales, but also brings out termites whose sole purpose is to find new structures to invade and on which to feed.

Termite bonds are important, as most pest control agencies do not handle termites. Termite Inspections for Home Purchase. A termite inspection during real estate transactions will run between $65 and $100. If the inspector finds no signs of termite activity, they will often sign a certificate stating your home is termite-free.

Ants and termites actually use silverfish as hosts.. Silverfish can put holes in your clothing or leave yellow stains on them as they feed.. Connecticut, and Massachusetts, you can protect your home year-round with our year-round residential pest services.. Are You Ready For bed bug awareness Week?

Bees and wasps awaken from their dormant state, termites may swarm and excess rains might. Although pest activity increases in the spring, the vast majority of pest. insect patterns around and in your home each spring you'll be better poised to. Although mosquitos won't try to invade your home, their bites and general.